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With the upmost professionalism & transparency, our team will guide you step by step throughout your matter. Whether you are buying or selling property, we ensure smooth completion of your transaction/s.

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Our goal is to establish ourselves as your trusted settlement agents through meticulous attention to detail and dedication to our clients’ greater interests. You can rely on our services as we provide:


Cost-effective solutions:

Not only do we offer high-quality solutions, but they’re also affordable. Contact us for cheap conveyancing services in Melbourne without any sacrifice on quality.


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We have decades of industry experience to ensure a professional and efficient process.



We’re committed to providing impeccable customer service, ensuring we’re with you every step of the way.



Our services are tailored specifically to your needs. It’s our mission to make every customer experience unique.

Complete Conveyancing Solutions

Conveyancing Services In Victoria .

​At Complete Conveyancing Solutions, we know there’s a lot of stress that’s involved with buying or selling your home or investment property. As a small business providing conveyancing services in Melbourne, we’ll be with you every step of the way. We’ll handle the legal details so you don’t have to, so you can rely on us when it comes to your settlement requirements.

In addition to handling real estate settlements in Melbourne, we also provide:

  • Conveyancing and settlements for residential properties, along with commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Transfer of ownership of property
  • Applications for subdivision.
  • Application by Surviving Proprietor and Application by Legal Personal Representative

Process of Conveyancing

What Conveyancers Do .

The process of conveyancing is to transfer the legal ownership of land to a new owner whether it be an individual or an entity. Conveyancers investigate title on behalf of vendors and purchasers. This is one of the most important elements of conveyancing. We also ensure that all the necessary property information certificates are applied for on your behalf whether you are
buying or selling.

Complete Conveyancing Solutions

Why use Complete Conveyancing Solutions ?

Working with us one-on-one, you’ll be kept informed at every stage of the settlement process, and you’ll be treated with respect and care. We can assist with settlement needs for those who are buying or selling in Melbourne – providing you with affordable, cost-effective solutions with an efficient turnaround time.

We strive to provide the highest level of personal service for our clients. For us to maintain our reputation as premier conveyancing services in Victoria, we believe that the relationships we build during the course of each transaction are what makes us so successful.

We take pride in our professional commitment to providing quality conveyancing services in Melbourne, concentrating on expertise and experience. To provide our clients with complete satisfaction, we go beyond the standard requirements of settlement to ensure that every interaction is engaging and mutually rewarding. 

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Problems our conveyancers in Victoria can solve .

It’s important to understand that a conveyancer does so much more than just handle the legal aspects of the property transaction. Our team is highly skilled at solving problems. We’re available to help you address any unforeseen circumstances during this phase of the purchasing and selling process, such as:

  • When a buyer or seller is confused about the paperwork required and their obligations. There’s a lot of legal paperwork involved in a sale, but we don’t think you should spend your time trying to figure it all out. Instead, we’ll make sure everything is handled for you.
  • When life intervenes or unexpected circumstances crop up and you need more time, we’ll work with the other party to help you get through it whilst complying with your  obligations.
  • Getting multiple contracts executed at once. It’s most likely that you’ll close on the sale of your home right before purchasing a new property. Our team can handle both processes simultaneously to minimise disruptions to your life.

For more information on our online conveyancing services in Melbourne or throughout Victoria, contact us today.


Frequently Asked Questions .

Find answers to frequently asked questions about conveyancing in victoria.

​With a conveyancing service, the buyer will be able to thoroughly check the ownership documentation and ensure that all necessary disclosure is provided in the Section 32 Statement. For the seller, various details must be looked into before a property can be placed on the market.  We ensure that all documentation is accurate and the necessary disclosure is provided in accordance with the sellers instructions.

​There are a number of state and federal laws that govern conveyancing in Victoria, and there are guidelines that must be followed. To ensure all of the requirements are met, we provide you with as much information on your rights and obligations as we can about the contract and your property.

​When it comes to conveyancers vs. lawyers, it’s easy to become confused. Even though both occupations qualify to handle your transaction, how do they differ?

In property law, conveyancers are only licensed to practice one aspect: conveyancing. They specialise in making sure you meet all legal obligations associated with your property deal. Since they focus on only one type of transaction, it’s common for them to possess specialised skills. A conveyancer will also be less likely to be out of office or in court for other matters. 

The Victorian Government imposes a tax known as transfer duty (or stamp duty) when you purchase a property. According to the standard contract of sale, the buyer bears the responsibility for the transfer duty under Victorian Government legislation. In order to determine your duty amount, you need to deduct any concessions you may be entitled to from the property’s purchase price. 

As part of this process, we’ll ensure that all documents and fees are provided so that you can be designated as the new owner on the title deed, including calculating and assessing your stamp duty obligations.

​To determine whether investing in a property is worth the risk, it’s standard practice to conduct due diligence before purchasing it. Once the purchasers verify that the property is free of encumbrances, normally they’ll proceed to purchase it. Before closing a purchase, however, the purchasers may have to conduct a number of other important searches. We will ensure all relevant property, strata, land and title searches are conducted so there are no hidden secrets involved with the real estate you intend to purchase.

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