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Conveyancing Services When Buying A Property


What do you need to do when buying a property in Victoria? .

Have you been hunting for the perfect home for a while, but want to make sure you’re avoiding any legal landmines? At Complete Conveyancing Solutions, our legal team is here to guide you every step of the way when going through the steps to purchasing.

  • Always research the kind of home you’re wanting to buy

    What kind of home are you looking for? Do you prefer a unit or a duplex? Will it be a new home, or need some TLC?

  • Think realistically about your budget expectations

    How much would this cost you? Are you planning to build on the land? Estimate mortgage repayments.

  • Research the property market in the area you’d like to buy

    Is there potential for the market to drop, or increase? Country living or the city?

  • Research The Amenities Around the Area

    Are there schools and public transport nearby? What about local shopping centres?

  • Research a financial advisor to help you decide on what is reasonable to spend.

    Consider the bank you’ll be loaning money from. How high are their interest rates?

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What are the risks when buying a property ?

The potential risks when buying real estate includes:

Building Structure

Issues with the structure of the building. This can be dangerous if not checked.

Older Homes

Risks with buying older homes, such as weak structures, mould, leaks or pests.

Capital Growth

No potential for capital growth over time.

Market Timing

Timing the market, as this can be an extreme financial risk. This can end up benefiting the vendor and not you as the buyer! You don’t want to end up paying more.

Hidden Costs

Not seeing hidden costs in stamp duty, council rates, legal fees, insurance or the cost of moving houses. These need to be investigated by a legal professional.


Signing a legal contract without fully understanding what is being signed!

registration progress

Do you need a conveyancer for buying a property in Victoria? .

Yes, but stress less! The transfer of ownership in terms of the new landowner is a complex field, so this responsibility is better in the hands of an experienced legal professional. At Complete Conveyancing Solutions, we aim to make it easy and translate any legal jargon you may not understand, especially for those new to selling real estate.

In summary, when you purchase a property, we will undertake to:

  • Apply for all property information certificates with the relevant government departments and local authorities;

  • Advice on the effect of the Contract and Section 32 Statement;

  • Assist you with completing the Verification of Identity process;

  • Prepare and digitally sign all legal documents using PEXA (property exchange);

  • Assess stamp duty and complete all required documents with the State Revenue Office;

  • Prepare a Statement of adjustments of rates and taxes;

  • Prepare settlement statements;

  • Liaise with your mortgage broker/lender; and

  • Complete settlement.

Should you have a conveyancer assist you in buying a property ?

Are you looking for a conveyancer to help you with buying a property in Melbourne? At Complete Conveyancing Solutions, we know the right way to handle the legal side of things.

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