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Conveyancing Services When Refinancing


Are you currently reviewing your financial situation and looking to refinance your current loan to hunt for a better interest rate with a new lender ?

At Complete Conveyancing Solutions, our legal team are here to assist you every step of the way. 

We offer a range of services which include assistance with behind the scenes paper work to arrange the necessary discharge of your current mortgage and settlement of your new loan, all whilst your mortgage broker assists with the application and approval process. Timing is vital in these types of matters and ensuring that the deadline for lodgement of documents with the banks is met will be crucial to your settlement.

We understand paperwork and dealing with banks can be a tedious process which can take up a lot of your time and therefore it is best to have Complete Conveyancing Solutions on your side to ensure that transparency is received in the matter together with an insight on the progress of the matter up to and including the settlement.

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Refinancing process

What we do when refinancing a property .

In summary, when your refinance a loan, we will undertake to:

  • Take instructions

  • Liaising with your mortgage broker

  • Initiating PEXA workspace and liaising with the relevant incoming and outgoing mortgagees

  • Completing online Verification of Identity with your client/s & Authority to Act

  • Initiating the Discharge of Mortgage and assisting you and your client/s with the preparation of Discharge Authority

  • Obtaining necessary Title search/s

  • Making necessary settlement arrangements with incoming and outgoing mortgagee

  • Obtaining payout figure & funds available

  • Ensuring incoming and outgoing mortgagee have created the necessary documents and completed all tasks in the PEXA workspace

  • Allocating funds to client/s (if applicable)

  • Any other necessary requirements which will be assessed on a case-by-case basis

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