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Victorian Commercial Conveyancers that Give You Peace of Mind


Victorian Commercial Conveyancers that Give You Peace of Mind .

At Complete Conveyancing Solutions in Melbourne, we carry the expertise and experience to assist with any aspect of residential and commercial property, whether you are purchasing, building, selling or developing.
Our clients have worked with us for many years, choosing us as their support system to guide them through the many complicated steps involved in the commercial conveyancing process in Melbourne.
Able to offer transparent advice and guidance on all aspects relating to commercial property conveyancing, we’re here to help with:

  • Real estate acquisition

  • Buying and selling business property - freehold

  • Retail leases

  • Treatment of taxes, including GST, capital gains, margin schemes, and land tax (through consultation with your accountant)

  • Existing concerns

  • Deals subject to lease

  • Transactions involving vacant possession.

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Why choose

our commercial property conveyancers in Melbourne? .

Having years of experience in dealing with commercial property conveyancing and transactions helps us understand our clients’ concerns.

Our firm has significant experience managing complex and demanding matters, ensuring clear communication across various matters. We’re also well-versed in collaborating directly with clients’ other trusted advisers on any matter at hand, ensuring all parties remain on the same page.

  • As a result, our clients always enjoy a seamless commercial conveyancing service from our team in Melbourne, Victoria.

We’re here before you buy

When you’re looking to enter the market or need pre-purchase advice from us, our commercial conveyancers in Melbourne will first get a clear understanding of your goals and vision at hand. If you have a property you’re interested in and a looming decision, we will also make sure the transaction goes off without a hitch.
Our highly knowledgeable network of commercial property conveyancers can help you do everything in their power to secure the property you are interested in purchasing. From sealing the deal through to settlement, regardless of whether the property is for retail or commercial use, we are here every step of the way.

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We’re here for when you sell

Are you interested in selling your commercial property? Our team is well-equipped with the insights and experience needed to organise your sale from start to finish. By providing quality Contract Of Sales and Section 32 statements that outline your disclosure obligations, we safeguard your legal rights up until settlement.

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Legal Advice

Professional legal advice is a must .

If you plan to enter into a contract or even submit an offer, you must seek advice beforehand to understand the agreement. Oftentimes, there is complex language involved, and sometimes even fine print that might blur the lines on where you stand financially and legally. In these cases, Complete Conveyancing Solutions are here to ensure you’re always on track and out of the danger zone.

Plus, if you are buying commercial properties, we encourage you to seek advice from our conveyancers, who can explain important matters like:

All of this is covered in our pre-purchase advice and several other vital areas.

To start your property journey, get in touch with CCS now – we’re here to help you through the process.

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