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Conveyancing Services When Selling A Property


How do you go about selling a property in Victoria ?

Do you want to know the steps for selling a property in Victoria? It sounds like a lengthy process, but our conveyancers at Complete Conveyancing Solutions aim to make it as easy as possible to get your home sold to the right buyer.
We want you to avoid any legal problems along the way. This includes making all of that heavy paperwork a breeze and avoiding any heavy financial risks! How is the selling process typically handled? You need to be able to:

  • Prepare a Contract of Sale, which includes the property title, outgoings, mortgages and other vital information.

  • Setting a price for the real estate you’re selling, such as requesting a property valuation.

  • Planning and creating the listing with a real estate agent.

  • Organising a private inspection and acquiring a Due Diligence checklist

  • Signing the Contract of Sale.

  • Exchange of real estate.

  • Property settlement.

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What are some potential roadblocks to take note of ?

Selling your home can be an exciting journey for everyone involved, but it’s important to highlight the potential risks so they can be avoided. Risks include:


Negotiating the best price for your property.

Contracts Of Sale

Complex Contracts of Sale can have new clauses added over time. The forms and processes can be confusing.

Legal Issues

Legal issues, such as not disclosing important information that materially affects the property.

Boundary Checks

Boundary checks before selling.

registration progress

What does a conveyancer do when selling a property .

In summary, when you sell a property, we will undertake:

  • Working with you to understand all legal documentation involved in the selling process.

  • Making the organisation process a lot easier and saving you time.

  • Apply for all property information certificates with the relevant government departments and local authorities.

  • Assist you with completing the Verification of Identity process.

  • Prepare the Contract of Sale and Section 32 Statement.

  • Liaise with your mortgage broker/mortgagee to arrange discharge of your mortgage (if applicable).

  • Prepare and digitally sign all legal documents using PEXA (property exchange);​

  • Completing all required documents with the State Revenue office.

  • Ensure that the Statement of adjustments of rates and taxes are provided by the Purchaser or their representative and calculations are correct.

  • Prepare settlement statements.

  • Complete settlement.

Should you have a conveyancer assist you in selling a property ?

Do you need a conveyancer for selling a property? At Complete Conveyancing Solutions, we can make your real estate dreams a reality.

Yes. Our conveyancing services in Victoria will cut down your legal costs when selling a home. Without the help of an experienced legal professional, surprise fees can be issued, posing a detrimental effect on your bank account if done yourself. 

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