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When to Engage a Conveyancer When Buying a House


Are you a first home buyer or have an investment property in mind? Purchasing a house is a big life decision for everyone involved, so when it comes to contacting a conveyancer, you’re going to want to know when it’s necessary to do so.

Ideally, you want to find a conveyancing service as you are house hunting, as this way you’ll be more prepared. At Complete Conveyancing Solutions, whether you’re going to an open home or visiting an auction, we have professionals in the industry to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.

Buying a property

Have you had your eye on a gorgeous piece of real estate for a while? The services of a conveyancer are crucial before any contract is signed to secure your best interests, and buying a property is a large application form!

Becoming a new owner comes with individual circumstances, and you may not be too keen on a freeway being built near your new property, for example. Hiring a conveyancer at Complete Conveyancing Solutions earlier on can allow you to negotiate terms and conditions and what is legally allowed. Now you’ll be guaranteed to settle in a peaceful home.


Selling a property

Considering selling up and moving to your dream location? As the seller, you might think the selling process is simple, but a real estate agent doesn’t always tell you the finer details. As soon as you have decided to sell a property. you’ll need a correct Vendor’s statement as soon as possible. A conveyancing team can help prepare this on your behalf, as well as the contract of sale.

Your mortgage also needs to be discharged by your bank of choice; a conveyancer can handle what is legally required. Many terms and conditions are hidden within legal documents, so the conveyancing process can do all the legal work.

Do you need a conveyancer to buy a house?

No, it’s not always necessary to hire a conveyancer when buying property, but professional help is highly recommended. With home loans and a lot of legal things to be aware of, the conveyancing process may seem daunting, but overall this will benefit the selling process and total cost.

A conveyancer can do more than reading over the contract of sale, but can read over legal documents, lodge legal documents in your place, exchange contracts, and read about the settlement date.

Should I get a conveyancer before making an offer on property?

​Making an offer on a home may be an impulse decision especially if you’re in love with it, but deciding on a good conveyancer early on can make a difference.

Not only can hiring a conveyancer earlier help you with the settlement process, but are experienced enough to help you find a property you can afford, too.

Why should you get advice from a conveyancer?

​You can be legally liable if you make a mistake during the legal process, so a licensed professional is always highly recommended. You want to save money, not lose it.

  • The contract of sale by the vendor will be reviewed, and legal documents will be lodged. A conveyance will work with your interests in mind.
  • Make sure that your home loan deposit is secure in a trust account.
  • The Sale of Land Act 1962 requires a vendor’s statement of real estate, which provides information to you as the buyer. This can be misleading and detrimental if it’s not looked over properly.
  • A conveyancer will thoroughly check the Section 32 Statement to save you from financial issues along the way, along with the Land Titles Office.
  • We can review the settlement date so it doesn’t look suspicious, as well as ensure your personal obligations are met.

Pre-purchase property contract reviews

Are you thinking of putting an extension on the property, a tiny home, or a pool? The pre-purchase review is important, as it’s an inspection of the fine print and any potential legal issues. This might put a dent in your plans if it goes unchecked!

You’ll want to inform the conveyancing service about your personal objectives, so you can be assured that your particular needs when buying are being met. Complete Conveyancing Solutions can happily do this for you.

Why are pre-purchase property  reviews important?

  • You need to be able to have more clarity and control over your financial situation and be able to assess it.
  • You need to be able to understand any special conditions involved, for example, costs surrounding the water or council rates. You may even need to pay for a pest inspection or building inspection.
  • Property orders and measurements.
  • You will want knowledge of any property title restrictions and how this can affect you.
  • You want to be aware of the settlement terms, such as the settlement date.
  • You need to know firsthand about building permits, insurance, and final approvals. This can affect your home in the future.
  • You will be able to understand the land tax, levies, orders on the property, and zoning.
  • Known as a body corporate, you’ll need to be aware of the owner’s corporation. This is the duty of controlling, administering, managing, and repairing the property. The Owners Corporation Act 2006 can explain this further.
  • You need to know how to complete the contract of sale.

Engaging a conveyancer after you’ve signed a contract of sale

  • When buying or selling property, a licensed conveyancer can help with the transferring ownership process, but you need to consider some things after the contract of sale has been signed.
  • The sale isn’t complete until there’s an exchange of contracts. You as the buyer will sign the contract of sale, hand it to the vendor, and they will send you a signed copy in return. You’ll then be informed of the accepted offer.
  • The exchange process is completed by conveyancers; this way, potential legal problems can be identified and resolved.
  • A conveyancer will then check over special conditions and obligations. This will solidify the transfer of ownership from the vendor to you, as well as the payment before settlement. You will then be the new owner!

What questions should I ask conveyancers?

  • Ask how much their services cost, their fees and charges, what you will pay on the day of settlement, and other costs.
  • Ask about the kind of properties they specialise in. Do they focus on metro city homes such as units and apartments, or do they have expertise in rural properties?
  • Ask how the conveyancer will communicate with you during the selling or buying process. Will they require office meetings, emails, or appointments over the phone?
  • ​Ask anything you feel you need regarding your financial or personal situation. The more property concerns a conveyancer is aware of, the more they can do to assist you.

​All in all, the pathway to settlement day is a lengthy process, but don’t be afraid to seek independent advice if you feel the need to. 

Looking for a conveyancer to buy a home in Melbourne? Complete Conveyancing Solutions has the solution.

Maria Tomlinson holds an unrestricted conveyancing licence together with Professional Indemnity Insurance against civil liability. Maria Tomlinson commenced her career in Conveyancing in 2001. She furthered her studying by completing her Diploma in Conveyancing in 2017 which has led her to hold an unrestricted Conveyancing License and successfully open her conveyancing firm, Complete Conveyancing Solutions.


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